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Growing Food for Calories — General Resources and Info
(Thu, 01 Jun 2017 02:05:03 +0000, 02:05 AM)Zhachev Wrote: Here's what I can offer to kick the thread off. This person got me growing 'market' quality (and quantity) mushrooms in a few months. Very helpful videos.

Can anyone recommend any good permaculture resources? thanks

Thanks for this. Will check as soon as I am in a wifi zone again...and think about what I can contribute.

Have you been to Very helpful permaculture forum bursting with info & advice.
This is really cool. I've been meaning to get into indoor gardening myself. Do you have any resource recommendations for someone starting out? Videos don't load for me due to a web filter. I'll check out the link you posted next time I'm on a different PC.
Zhachev, just a suggestion based on what you're going for - have you considered stinging nettles as an option as well? They occupy a fairly similar place culinarily to spinach (great steamed or sauteed, with butter/oil and garlic, in quiche or frittata, in soups and stews, on sandwiches, and so on) and are incredibly high in protein for greens. Moreover, you can eat the leaves as greens, use the seeds as a sort of topping herb or in a salt/seasoning mix, and make tea from the leaves.

They require almost no care. The plant is both rhizomatic and produces loads of seed, so it will reproduce itself like crazy given space and good conditions. It is not finnicky about soil in my experience, though they do like high nitrogen. I transplanted a sad-looking shrimp of a nettle about a foot downslope from my humanure compost pile (very high nitrogen, since it is getting all the runoff) in spring of 2016. When it had barely recovered from root shock, it got chomped by a deer down to nothing but a nub of a stalk, and I assumed it would die. Well, as of autumn of 2017, I was harvesting seeds from 30+ sixish-foot tall nettles.

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