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No, everything is *not* "getting better"
Odin linked in, which promptly inspired me to make this thread: Do you have any articles, or similar, that deal with debunking all this neo-liberal "everything is getting better (thanks to the free market)" propaganda crap? There's all kinds of statistics massaging going on in order to make everything seem "just fine." deals with this idea that there's so much less violence nowadays. "We have a lot fewer poor people now!" because you redefine what it means to be poor. Here's a more scathing review of the supposed decline of global poverty:

If you have any articles like these, please share'em!
I think JZ is correct to focus on such obvious indicators as the sheer number of people on SSRIs, the lack of friends, the desperate scaffolding of people's sanity with resort to companion robots, sex droids, etc. Not to mention the ever-increasing number of people being maimed or killed at work!

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