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Leaving anarchist news to find quality discussion
Anarchist News is in horrible decline. It now seems to have found a new bottom: publishing ITS/Atassa communiques, and censoring anyone who dares to criticize them for doing it.

Had to leave, the nonsense over there was driving me crazy.
I haven't seen any censoring in the Anarchist News comments setion — the last time I checked the comments, there were plenty of critics having a go at them — but I don't doubt that it has taken place. In any event, I think it is odd to simply reblog something so obviously controversial without discussing it. If anyone wants to discuss ITS or Atassa here, they would be very welcome to do so. I recently, at elmerludd's behest, listened to this podcast talking about them: — I found it informative; maybe you will too.
I post anonymously at @news. Several of my comments have been removed recently. Most were critical about the collective's decision to publish ITS/Atassa material. Some were comments on other topics in response to other posters. My comments weren't rude, trolling, or what the collective calls "empty" comments.

I have backchanneled with two other posters on @news, and they also had recently experienced the same thing.

I'm done with them.
"If anyone wants to discuss ITS or Atassa here, they would be very welcome to do so"

I simply must correct Alexander here, I'm afraid.

For those that don't know, I am the owner of this site. I created the forum to enable meaningful discussions about anti-civ ideas.

ITS/Atassa/Reaction Savaje are mindless terrorists and do not fit AT ALL with any other meaningful critiques or real-life projects.

I do not want to see discussion of them on this site, and would sooner close the site than give those ideas a platform. If you find ITS interesting, I suggest you contact them directly. I do not want this site associated with violent criminal elements.

Thank you.
Fun with A-news....

Just as an experiment, I left a comment on A-news to check their censorship tolerance level. My comment was a mild, tongue-in-cheek, sarcastic poke at the A-news Podcast.


Mine is the last comment.

And as predicted, it has been deleted:

Any criticism of A-news is not tolerated.
I just had a comment removed, and it wasn't even @news criticism, so now I can confirm your experiences first-hand. :)
Have now verified that virtually any criticism of @news is deleted. Entirely giving up on that site now.

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