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HARDCOAR online permaculture design course
A PDC is a permaculture design course, for any who don't know. I am out here in the woods practicing permaculture, but I only know what I've learned from several books, and could really use a structure to overlay my existing knowledge. On the occasions I attend permaculture events, I do worktrade so I can afford them.

PDCs can range from $1000-3000, way beyond the means of many who actually need them (like discharged/prisoners, vets, innercity folks, rural poor etc). In that sense they have been called privileged, which designation I have little issue with.

But now, if you have even a horrible computer and occasional wifi access, you can pay only $100 and get an entire PDC, 220 hours of video, taught by some of the best folks I've seen* and tons of other good stuff. I'm probably gonna get the $100 because the math seems sound.

Even if you're not interested in this package, I'd welcome any discussion of permaculture here. IMO in the rural environ it seems the best route ex Leviathan.

*NB I've been studying permaculture independently for 2 years, and victory gardening for over a decade.

They have a free one week online course. It's an introduction though so you might be a bit beyond that.
Please don't bring a permacapitalist element onto this forum. If you want to share information, do so freely. If the design science of permaculture is to have any liberatory value, it makes no sense to steep it in the moneyed economy.

For anyone interested further in my decision on this matter, please write to me and I'll make my essays on this exact topic available to you.

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