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John Malones Bug Out Retreat
Howdy y'all,
   We encourage joining others at their bugout retreats.
    John Malone is a multi BILLIONAIRE executive that owns large communications companies. He is also one of the largest landowners in the US. He is also a key player in the future implementation of 5G. He's a globalist player.
  ........His hideout is at the lower end of SPENCER LAKE in the Maine wilderness, in Hobstown Township T3R5. It's the large 12000 sq ft log cabin at the southernmost part of the lake. The lake is 7 miles long. Only a few other camps. Other than his huge footprint fortress, this is an ideal wilderness area for future protectors of the woods and nature. Zero human population. Malone has cameras that warn him of anyone that comes to within 5 miles. Expect to be "greeted". These hired men do not look that "professional",for billionaire body guards. His float planes are usually docked near the complex.

                                                                   Love, Hoot
You mean, this place?

That looks to be it, Odin.
                            What makes this area great is the very low population density. 60+ miles to corporate america (Skowhegan). Some of the most remote area for northeast standards. Lots of moose, deer,snowshoe hare,grouse. That lake is loaded with Touge,Salmon,Trout. Beautiful mountainous terrain surrounds it all.
                              Malone I'm sure, has had executives flown in there for things like, you know, child molesting parties & lobsters. There is surveillance at least on the roadways leading to Spencer Lake (Spencer/Hardscrabble Rd) way before you reach this cluster of excessiveness.
           Was surprised to find this article:      *********  ***********  

                       There's a fancy communications tower 1/2 mile or so to the west of that establishment. Probably linked directly to the national guard. This area is off grid by a lot, so I would suspect a sophisticated electricity supply. All the roadways leading to this retreat have small timber bridges that go over the many streams out that way.
             The "billionaire body guards" are meant to 'blend in" so therefore they look like average rednecks for the area. 
                      I'm sure the original Hunter/Gatherers of that area would be unhappy with who's in that forest now.

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