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Unabomber: In His Own Words
Okay, after viewing the whole series, I thought it was quite well done. They went into a lot more detail than I thought they would. They interviewed Ted's neighbors in Montana, his classmates at Michigan State University, his brother, CIA agents, FBI agents, his victims, and his lawyers, and many others.

I had no idea Theresa Kintz kept all those audio cassette tapes all these years. She obviously must have had a lot more material from her interview than what was published in Green Anarchist and AJODA.

The first couple of episodes are a little preachy about what an 'evil genius' Ted was, as we are given mostly the FBI's point of view, while they take up the investigative chase to find the 'Unabomber' who is 'terrorizing America'. The journalist from the San Fransisco Chronicle (Kevin Fagan) is especially annoying. There's also a lot of background info about Ted's childhood growing up in Michigan, told by his brother David.

By the 3rd episode, and especially the 4th, things turn towards being more understanding as it finally gets around to talking about the ideas in the manifesto. David Skirbina (Philosophy professor at University of Michigan and collector and publisher of Ted's writings) talks about how Industrial Society and its Future has become prophetic. Even the prison warden at Florence Supermax seems sympathetic to Ted and his ideas.

I thought John Zerzan's interview segment was very strong and poignant. John visited Ted at the trial (I was corresponding with John at the time and he was giving me updates about his visits with Ted) and was more or less the last person from the 'outside' to talk to him. According to John, Ted didn't seem to grasp the anguish he had caused the loved ones of his victims. John says he didn't detect any signs of mental illness in Ted, but you can tell that John was nevertheless bothered by the fact Ted didn't understand why the families of his victims were crying in court, as if even someone as sympathetic to Ted's views as John was, knew there was something a little 'off' about him. The interview with Zerzan ends the series on a somber and somewhat tragic note.

If you haven't seen the series yet, it is definitely worth checking out.

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