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Book on Hunter-Gatherer Sharing
I just received notice from ISHGR (International Society for Hunter Gatherer Research) that a new book has been published by the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research. It is open access and free to the public, made possible by a grant from the European Union.

I've skimmed through it and the essays seem interesting. The book covers the concept of sharing from prehistoric to historic ethnographic times. There are lots of color photos, charts, diagrams, graphs, and maps. It isn't a dry academic book.

Towards a Broader View of Hunter Gatherer Sharing

by Noa Lavi and David Friesem

You can view it or download it here:
Cool, im on it.
Also only now i noticed the forum is back.
Nice one Odin.

Thanks for the heads up. I just finished Affluence without Abundance which also feels warm and authenticate. So I'm ready to give this a go.

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