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reaching out
Hello to all users of this forum; I am happy to have come across it. 
While it does not seem to be terribly active, this may be for the better - I would prefer a slow drip of interesting words to ponder than a ridiculous stream of incomprehensible babble. 
I am on this site primarily for two reasons: for the first, while I've been active in other forums which served to sate my interest in having discussions of a primitivist nature - discussions which are often all-too-challenging to have in real life - those forums ceased to be useful to me. Both Squattheplanet and various communities on reddit are now dead to me, compromised. My second interest in being here is to reach out to those who may be local to me, that we might be able to meet in the real world of flesh and blood, to align ourselves in our projects. That is why I am unafraid to use my name here, and my email - I am at this point, more than a dangerous radical, a gardener and nut farmer making gentle, slow preparations for the Balkanization of the United States. I want to nurture whatever lands I live upon to be forgiving to those who remain when the power goes down, when Wal-Mart is no longer stocked, and when a vast chasm of time stands before our children and friends, when all human parties say - what now?
Presently, I am located in Michigan, but only temporarily. My home is in New York State's vast and unknown North Country, and that is where I will soon live and someday die. For those who are located within a few days distance by bicycle or less, I implore you to reach out. Many of the users here are doubtless aware of how hermitic the primitvist life "way upcountry" can be, and I hope our connections here can serve to alleviate some of that isolation. 

With respect and warmth,

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