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Do you guys think fusion energy will happen?
If it does, we're in a real pickle such as we've been unable to imagine thus far. If fusion happens, the human race will without question survive the cataclysm - but human existence will only decline. Fusion would preserve the current system and allow its tendencies and aims to continue down the path they're on. Think biological data-centers, facial recognition, and the further breakdown of human culture in general into little bytes of spectacle.

As to whether this will actually happen or not, I'm honestly not versed enough on the subject to make any judgement whatsoever. To those who claim its emergence is 'inevitable', well, I can pretty soundly conjecture to say that that's not the case. We're already walking on thin ice. But will it emerge before some major disruption in the supply chains that facilitate advanced research and development of high-tech energy - that's a gamble of cosmic proportions. The hope is that the shit will hit the fan before any such thing can occur - or really, that the shit will hit the fan at all. I'm wary of millenarian prophecies and fantastical visions of a breakdown, but at this point, it's all we can hope for.

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