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Red flag gun "law":
The clown spoke yesterday. The state is desperate.

                    So we can guess that the state is feeling threatened ? We know it could give 2 shits about people's well being. So the state will always look for opportunities, whether staged or not, to help itself. Especially if it is feeling threatened. I'll bet it is.
                      The 2 recent shootings in El Paso and Ohio were a good enough excuse for the fat ass clown to take bigger steps.  "Red Flag" gun legislation is what the state needs. It's funny how they emphasize racism as a motivator for these crimes, as a way to pull at the heart strings of the liberals and at the same time talk about not reducing your ability to obtain firearms. Which is warming to the boot-licking conservatives. 
                      Red Flag "laws" are fucked because the system can decide who is a threat (red flag), and why. Another not-so obvious problem to this proposal is HOW they will find the "red flags" AND how they will have the ability to use false accusations or "parallel construction" tactics to frame people. Although at this point the system may not care if the masses know that they are using highly invasive surveillance techniques to find red flags. There is an acceptance of the surveillance state that is being pushed quite heavily now: ring doorbell, cameras everywhere,license plate readers,facial recognition,etc..see something/say something. Lots of people guilty of being dissidents. The "Red Flag" law goes right along with the "Red List". I don't think any of us have avoided that. 
                      This is just an alert that the clown knows his weaknesses have been found. Repression will be going up a notch or 2. Other than that,    carry on.


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