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GUN Thread. Armor piercing bullets, etc...
Hmmmmm...   22 MAGNUM.  aka  22WMR (Winchester Magnum Rimfire)

     This is a hottie with 50 yard velocities around 1400-1800 feet per second. Some of the composite rifles of this caliber are very light weight. Marlin's XT 22 mag is one for a fair deal. This round inflicts pretty good damage and can give you consistent dime sized groups at 50 yards with Weaver's Kaspa 3-9X scope. Recoil is very light. Follow up shots can be quick. Wouldn't be too bad slinging this gun for a very long walk if you needed to.
Thanks .Not sure of 22WMR in semi auto. Follow ups with a bolt are pretty quick. Swapping mags is quick. My biggest questions with 22mag call for some experiments. What damage can this round  do ? is the question.( I like a quick kill with long range squirrel head shots.) I have tested this round for accuracy, and it can be expected to shoot consistent dime sized groups at 50 yards. At 100 yards (with the rifle I was using) effectiveness opens up to about 1.5". Like I mentioned, a high qual 3-9X scope such as Weavers Kaspa seems good. A 12X scope may tighten up 100 yd groupings.
  The caliber shines in its very light recoil and in the overall light weight of the gun itself, even when it's scoped. Easy to walk with, especially if you're packing for a trip.
   I agree with you Demon, on 7.62. I have done extensive testing. Accuracy with 7.62x51 (308) is excellent. In return for sharing this info, I'd expect useful input in return:

       Savage makes excellent Rifles.
        Leupold makes excellent scopes. The TMR (tactical milling reticle) is best. Not MIL dot.
        175 grain ammo such as M118 LR is good ammo for accuracy (in a Savage long range .308)
 Oh, if any forum-goers have an M1-A (common,reliable,semi auto, military .308) and would like to SCOPE it, it is possible. A heavy setup,yet reliable, accurate,and semi-auto/20 rnd mags. TRY: Sadlak steel mount:
                       Burris XTR Signature series rings (to compensate for any off-center with the Sadlak)
                                                (308 in semi auto is nice, although it is hard to beat QUALITY bolt action accuracy)
      A note on match ammo such as the M118 LR: It is made for accuracy and NOT damage. Penetration is excellent, however, expansion is nil. For maximum damage/expansion a 165-180 grain soft point hunting bullet is best:
Back to 22mag. Has anyone done damage/penetration testing with this round ?
Great links,Demon. I enjoyed. That CZ does look nice.
  22 WMR deserves more discussion. I consider it a hot topic at this point. 
I took time to do some testing. The gun is Marlin's XT22 Magnum. ($250) scoped with Weaver's Kaspa 3-9X ($110) rings ($40) sling ($20)  ($420 invested)

   1st test was (3) dry but not rotted 2x6's placed an inch apart. The bullet (cci maxi mag hp 40 grain) went through the 1st stud. Small entry hole. Big going out. Went 1/2 way through the 2nd stud. I split the stud to examine the bullet: expanded/mushroomed yet all intact.

    2nd test was in the same fashion using (3) square aluminum plates each 1/8" thick. Bullet went cleanly through the 1st plate and obviously expanding to twice its diameter before also penetrating the 2nd plate. The second hole looked .40 caliber. The 3rd plate got a dent in it.

    All shots were from 50 yards.

   A 3rd test was at a steel cable pulled tight with a come-a-long to test consistency with vertical shot placement. This cable was a mere 3/8 inch diameter. I think it was winch cable. Cable was nicely visible with the scope cranked up to 9X. Hit it almost every time.10 out of 12. Again, all at 50 yards.

   Conclusion: The performance of this round through the alum plates made me smile.
I'm sure you realize,like I do,Demon, just what this round might be suited for. Right ? ............Squirrel hunting. I am sick and tired of the billions of commercial chickens that this sick society consumes. I think the 22 magnum may be a key in fixing this problem. Hunt more squirrels. Of course this requires aiming at the head (don't shoot the body-you want clean carcass),sometimes from 50 yards,at quite an angle. ( when they're high up in trees) Using a "Bog Pod" can help with this.  [Image:]As far as cooking goes. You gotta go low & slow. Use olive oil and keep lid on pan for 30 minutes. Then flash fry. Salt or Adobo to taste. More squirrel hunters= better world.

Before you give up on CCI ammo,Demon,check the gun. CCI makes good ammo-many varieties in 22WMR. Havn't had a prob yet,here. The Marlin XT 22Mag is great for the money. That semi-auto CZ looks good too. Here's links to what I think might be the best:
The Savage "accu-trigger" is amazing. That A22 might be a winner.
I will test steel penetration as soon as I get a chance and post it. Don't get hopes up on this caliber for "steel".
Wow. Lots going on out there.

   Did steel penetration testing.22 Magnum. Same gun and ammo. 50 yards.
1st test was .077 steel that was bracing for industrial shelving.
Goes through 1 no prob.

Clamped 2 together to simulate .154: Very close to going through both,but not quite. Deep dent. I was able to fire a 2nd round almost precisely in the same spot which punctured through.
Tried at 10 yds: Not quite through.

Tried .185 bar stock: Puts a dent in and bulges the other side a bit. That's it.

Conclusion for mild steel: Guessing the maximum penetration for 22WMR is appr. .125-ish (1/8")
 Of course there may be a different variation of ammo that would provide better results, such as FMJ.

       Great gun. Everyone has one. Stupid amount of forum chat about it. I'd like to share my thoughts on building or buying an AR with accuracy in mind. The gun is a tool. This tool is ideal for certain scenarios because of its battle proven reliability. Most AR's are NOT that accurate "out of the box", compared to hi-quality bolt guns in the same caliber, yet they shine in certain combat situations. 
     So you say you may want both accuracy and hi-cap defense capabilities ?
Shortcut, before you spend stupid money searching for the accuracy part.
   1) Have a pro build it from the start.
    2) Trigger: Invest in a 2 stage adjustable trigger.
     3) Invest in a 1:8 twist Wylde BULL BARREL 20" works great. A bit heavy, but if you want accuracy in an AR this works. The Wylde barrel accepts .223 or mil-surp 5.56. The 1:8 twist puts good spin on heavier bullets such as!/ but will also do well with cheaper bulk ammo like WOLF GOLD.
       4) Scope and rings: Don't skimp. Use hi end like Leupold. Consider using quick release mounts with backup flip-up battle sights.
                       150 yd quarters are possible now.

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