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Whats peoples views on post-civ?
I just started reading into post-civ anarchism the last few days. whats people on heres opinion/view on it? I like aspects to it such as post-civ are a lot more into permaculture and horticulture, I think it touches more on the matter of the ruins and left overs of civilization that will be left after civilization collapses and use the left overs in a DIY style, from what I'v read from AnPrims they don't go into this aspect much. 

For myself in general I don't like to dwell on the idea to much of what the world will be like after civilization collapses because there's no way to determine what it might look like so it's a bit pointless. But still sometimes its fun to day dream.
Industrial Society eventually withering is much more likely than just removing it. "If" such a collapse happens I would like to think that groups of primitivists could leave the remains of society as much as possible and maybe take up permaculture or something.

In my opinion it's likely that a sort of post-industrial Fascism could arise in such a collapse in order to prevent the proles from gathering what they need and doing their own thing. Considering climate destructions there would probably also be lots of migrations.

It's interesting to think about

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