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Honor Revolutionaries
Those willing to make sacrifices and take risks to protect nature and restore freedom/autonomy deserve the highest of honor. I hope many of you are as excited as me to be alive during this time ! A new batch of fighters await. I say "new" because the old/fake honor is over. The old ways of honoring a culture and a military that protects its own enslavement are coming to an end. It was all so pathetic. All in all, just a little mistake on the part of humanities evolution, considering our lasting existence compared to our short time in the industrial revolution mistake.
    I have a strong feeling of being above all the fake honor that this land mass still displays. It is weakness.We are better than this. We love the earth and hate control. These are values that unfortunately, our elders didn't get. They all die, never realizing their failure to recognize who the real enemy is. The TV was a pretty fucking powerful tool. May the TV go out forever.
 And may enemies in hiding be found.

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