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National Guard S.T.E.M.
Is this funny ?:
(comes up "internal server error". "we're currently troubleshooting a problem")

I wonder how busy these boot-lickers are these days ? Army national guard STEM soldiers. Highly indoctrinated, jello-brained,order-followers,working for money $. Protecting the technology tools that the sheep and their own slave-masters depend on so desperately. How pathetic is it to dedicate your life towards protecting the very system that enslaves you and your family ? They look like scum to me.
This is your "guard" at work. Or at least trying:

The national "guard" linking with utilities/the grid:

Basically, the system is scared. 
    The military and law enforcement are continually looking for more help from the private sector. You hear propaganda trying to get to the masses.
Contractors are what keep the system running. Grid maintainers, engineers, linesmen bring the finished product. 
 The ones who run the plants, probably aren't that good in a bucket,up in the lines. They're all needed to deliver the product though. So many vulnerabilities.

These are the kids the "guard" are looking at. Lots going on in MD with cyber security training. What do you wanna bet there are "scouts" from the "guard" at these events. Just like at a high school basketball game.
Not so Merry-land:
Wisconsin national "guard" big disaster training drill this week :

  Yet again the sheeple can marvel at the guardians of slavery.

Imagine people actually specializing themselves in protecting something so superfluous. If millitarians and soldiers are already pathetic, this is a new low.

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