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What a real mass movement would require
I read Kaz's book on strategy and was surprised to find that he is an anarcho-leninist. Much in his work needs further development, but as a starting point treated as a collection of interesting ideas, it is the most valuable work on revolutionary strategy ever written by an anti-modern anarchist.

My main criticism of his revolutionary strategy is that he is still fundamentally an Anarchist, but he has set foot upon the path of anarcho-leninism, and that is a path out of Anarchism. In the further development of his revolutionary dialectic, either Leninism will be a source tactical ideas that must be fundamentally reconfigured for an Anarchist purpose, or a Leninist strategy will be developed, which will be anarchist in name only.

Almost all of the examples in his book are drawn from political movements of the twentieth century. In all of those cases, the movements had a mass social base. Before any kind of mass movement strategy can be built, the anti-tech revolution must find a similar mass of people.

Implicit in the all green revolutionary theory is a vaguely defined mass of environmentalists. The demographic that shows up for Greenpeace marches is representative of who this mass actually is. Most of them are college educated white Democrats who benefit in every way from the current system. Only the smallest fraction of them will show up for anything involving more commitment than a protest march, and it is the worst fraction.

As a mass or a source of cadre, this demographic is totally unfit for any revolutionary project. As a culture, as a collection of myths and ideas, and as a source of social identity, it is equally useless. The most important characteristics of a revolutionary mass are that it is fundamentally opposed to and under constant aggression by the system. The development of a mass revolutionary dialectic must turn to technological slavery, to the human condition of modernity, and not atmospheric conditions. Because the wild cannot fight back, the conflict between the technological system and human nature must be the primary contradiction.

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