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Parallel construction, tactics,what will you do?
We need to focus on tasks ahead of us. We also need to think about a war that they are running while maintaining this sickening society. We need to be prepared.
     The internet has served them well. They are now giving themselves a permission slip to use the "red list".
A few things going on: HB 687 "Red Flag Gun Law" 
                                 The feds "parallel construction" tactic.
                                 "Practical Terrorism Prevention"

      It appears that they will be (and have been) breaking rules they made for themselves (constitution).
The surveillance capabilities will probably be put into use more now. Parallel construction is a tactic that basically means any one of us could be detained at gunpoint AT ANY TIME NOW. A good description of this tactic is here: 
The feds use the net (amongst other techniques) They tell the local pigs to nab you.The local pigs come up with a "parallel" (BS story).

       HB 687 is legislation being looked at that allows police to remove guns from people declared to be a threat. Here's the kicker: According to the bill "the accuser can be kept anonymous". After you understand how parallel construction tactics work, you will understand the danger of the legislation below. Regardless of the bill, we are in danger.

           Why not throw in a couple more links to show where we're at now. It's important to understand how close to the edge we are now. I think reading these and understanding the threat is important. This is a war that,so far, is being "fought" just the way they want it to. We need to get our shit together.


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