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AUTISM: The system countering rebellion
Hi Kids !
   How do you think things are going out there? I see good things happening ! To keep the good times a rollin' I'd like to ask a favor of you. Would you kindly forward the link to this thread to all those that should see it ? Ask them to "read it thoroughly and look at the support links". Send link to all autism support groups in your area (or other areas), autism parents groups, expecting mother forums, anywhere this might possibly help put the hurt on Merck Industries. (they make vaccines that hurt good genes and help bad ones. See all above)  Counter civilization by giving genetics the chance to propagate naturally. STAY AWAY FROM NEEDLES.
  April 2nd is Autism Awareness Day.
Merck is the manufacturer of the vaccines that the controllers have so enthusiastically pushed onto the masses for many years now. I believe Merck may be responsible for the steadily growing introduction of genetic damaging or enhancing agents inside the MMR vaccine. The vaccine may be altering genetics in a way that will reduce the numbers of dissidents on this planet. The other problem to grasp is the fact that the visual show on the net right now (March 2019) that includes the anti-vax movement,censorship,a measles outbreak, could be a distraction so we won't figure out that a eugenics/ genetic damaging program may be introduced through other means like our food, water, air. 

         " With more research, this could lead to strong anecdotal evidence that Merck & Co. used pharmaceutical treatments developed shortly after WWII such as the Polio vaccine against Americans, as bioweapons. "

   The above quote is from an article that ties Merck with the Nazi's and biological warfare. This is the article:

     Merck headquarters is in Kenilworth NJ.

Who are the most likely people to contribute to the continued destruction, not only to human dignity, but to nature and our planet ? Here's 50 of them:
This is just to drill it home.
      All you moms out there that are expecting have a choice. (for now). Some of you may think you are doing your child a favor by giving him/her the MMR vaccine. This society has engineered the thought into most people that it's the right thing to do. 

       Just know this:  With that small little shot into your child's body, you may be reducing our chances to battle an evil takeover of the human species (YOU gave the doctor permission). Being controlled is pure evil. By contributing to the system's demands, you are consenting to your,your childs, and everyone else's enslavement.
   Natural alternatives to counter the measles outbreak and to counter the criminal state.

Typical media,propaganda bull shit:

The anti-vaxx is growing to the point that the pathetic state is stooping to new lows and trying to get us to believe that the conservatives care. Funny. Like I said, it would be prudent for the controllers to highlight the anti-vaxx, censorship, measles outbreak, to distract from new evils they might be up to:
Video on the history of Merck :
Kenneth Frazier is or was the CEO of Merck. I'm sure he has many houses. One is supposedly in Wrightstown PA. which makes sense with a commute to Kenilworth NJ Merck headquarters. Merck looking for new CEO ?

[Image: https://arc-anglerfish-arc2-prod-pmn.s3....YF4GUE.jpg]
    Here's some Merck big wigs:

A lot of people help Merck go around:
Here's another company interested in advanced manipulations of our genetics:

Can you imagine, knowing what nazi scientists studied and were capable of EIGHTY YEARS AGO, what this age of bio-tech scientists are doing now ?

A lady named Suzanne Eaton, a top researcher for Max Planck Institute of Molecular Physiology, was found dead recently.
Here's an article mentioning her :
Who's the nearest biotech scientist to you ? Lots of these little leaches in every state. 

    Here's a great directory state-by-state on where all the biotechies are:
The system may have figured a way to counter rebellion before birth. They are now talking about technology that can "detect autism genes" in fetuses. This is bullshit. Autism is a condition that is a result of purposeful poisoning of children destined to be rebels or children that have traits that may be damaging to the progress of the system.
  What they in fact will be looking for in fetuses to encourage abortion is the rebel gene. Reflect to the links in the first post in this thread.      
                             BioTech is one of our biggest enemies. Make no mistake.

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