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Hello from the Jungle
What's up everyone?
I'm Dave, and me and my girlfriend run a small permaculture/rewilding project in the south of Thailand. I'm 24 years old, and originally from Germany. There I got increasingly frustrated with our society, which somehow just doesn't seem to work at all. At that time I was still considering myself a communist, or, later, an anarchist, but it didn't strike me yet that industry, and, in fact, the whole of civilization is responsible for the suffering in the community of life.
I started becoming very upset and eventually abandoning most of the aspects of western civilization and moved to Thailand in the beginning of 2014 to live a self-sufficient life close to Nature and far away from the city. In the beginning I just wanted to learn how to be self-sufficient, to prepare for the imminent collapse of civilization (which I already saw coming long before I ever heard any anti-civilization critique).
Soon I stumbled upon essays by John Zerzan, Uncle Ted's "ISAIF" and Paul Shepard's book "Coming Home to the Pleistocene", followed by all works of Daniel Quinn. Ever since I've been studying my local landbase, practicing primitive skills, researching about primitive people and generally trying to create an alternative to civilization through helping Nature to create a self-sustaining food jungle ecosystem.

If you are interested to learn more about what we do here at this project, please visit our website:
There you also find a collection of interesting newspaper articles to support anti-civ ideology in the "Blog" section. We like to say that everyone who read our whole website will automatically convert to primitivism :P

We also recently started a crowdfunding campaign on Patreon, in case you might have (or know someone with) a spare dollar every month, we would highly appreciate sharing this link:
It is quite hard to start a project like this, since you still have to obey to the rules of whatever part of civilization you happen to live in. This means the system will continue to force you to use money, at least to a certain extend. This makes it hard for anyone who hasn't a huge capital to start with, and this is why we would like to see solidarity and support from those comrades who have more financial security but not yet the opportunity to start a project themselves. As long as governments and NGO's don't finance small-scale efforts to mitigate climate change and create an alternative to consumer capitalism it is all up to us to support each other.

Anyway, great to be part of this forum.
Thank you everyone for trying to really make a change. The world is utterly doomed if not more people wake up to the reality of civilization's dangers and temptations very soon.

Best regards,

Hallo & welcome, Dave!

Very cool to read about your moving to Thailand. And excellent website! I'll be sure to check it out more in-depth later.

I can definitely see that it must be really hard to get a project like this going within civilisation. It seems that it's mostly really privileged people who get to do a reactionary civ-cop-out ("let's colonise Mars!", and similar bullshit), so it's really great to read about you guys beating the odds and getting there on your own premises! It's so great to see someone going all the way with praxis like this.

I hope you'll get something out of the forum. It seems you have lots of experiences to share!

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