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Deceit.Lies.Control.Manipulation. THE NET
Oh how kooky things are getting.
  Technology is our problem. We all know this,right ? Maybe a reminder of tactics by the controllers while keeping in mind what tech is now capable of.
   There are folks online(for now) writing from the heart,like myself. There are also scum out there that are looking to deceive,entice and help paint a big ol' bullzeye on you. What you say, can, and will be used against you ? Maybe this will hold true in a really big,surprising way some day. But who's keeping track of what we're saying ? Better question is: Who or what is enticing us to openly (online is in the open) declare ourselves as dissidents ?
   Here's another question: If you've been able to realize and grasp what the ultimate goal is for the controllers, do you think for a moment that they're not going to use the internet (and multitudes of other techs) to find and destroy everyone in opposition to them ? 
  We've let the problem go for quite a while now. Ted told us it will get harder. We need to focus OFFLINE. I hope we can find a way to collaborate with local friends without the net. I think it is time to prioritize.
  Talking of rabbits and mushrooms and the wilds is my pleasure too, but this is no time for that. I also don't care what's on TV. Havn't watched for 5 years. Info,intell,tactics is all we should be interested in. With that said, I like Jacobi's site: Wild Will Project. Lot's of good info. 
   Is Jacobi the real deal ? I like to think so, but I will not trust the internet with making my judgement. Nor will I trust the net for accusations against certain people.
  With THAT said, we can remember what the controllers are capable of, in the form of an example,when they team up with occult members.
    Maybe some of you are familiar with the "Free State Project" in NH ? Well, there's an offshoot of this called the "Shire Society". A thirty-something from FL. decided he needed to come to NH to "promote freedom". I've become familiar with their forum and have created a theory. ONLY A THEORY. At the same time I don't give a shit about these technophile/bitcoiners either way. Here is an interesting link on Ian Freeman of the "Shire Society"
    Here is another link on informants and infiltration tactics used by CIA.
You do the math.
  I have faith in bringing it all down. I love the wilds,mountains.  I think the internet,will deceive us in uncanny ways soon. 
   Bottom line is trust. Beware of the internet.
I'll be in the Northeast Mtns. with the boreal chckadees. Fuck the system.

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