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Ecologist Says Trees Talk to Each Other in a Language We Can Learn
Interesting article.  More proof that trees are not just inanimate things standing there.

Quote:"She discovered birch sent carbon to fir, especially when it was shaded. Later the opposite happened, when the birch was leafless in the winter, the fir sent over more carbon. Science had always believed that trees competed with each other for carbon, sunlight, water and nutrients. Simard’s groundbreaking work showed that trees are interdependent and cooperative, in fact they are immersed in deep relationships with each other."
I'm a bit of a tree fanatic. They've always seemed like living creatures to me. Tree ecosystems are some of the closest to cascading collapse in my opinion. They do all kinds of cool stuff beyond sharing nutrients via the rhizome with plants beyond their species. We have to to everything we can to protect the forests.

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