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I'm Beer & Rage.  I run a youtube channel where I talk about anarchy and stuff.  I've been into anti-civ ideas for a good decade now.  I've read AHAL three times, and am big into Perlman.

I've spent a decent amount of time in organized leftists groups/cults, and came to anti-civ ideas through anarchist activism.  I also write stuff sometimes. 

Youtube -

Blog -
Hallo & welcome. Someone posted a video of yours on here earlier[0], so I vaguely know about your stuff. Do you have any "success" (defined however you'd like to define it) with your YouTube or writing? I.e. do you find it worthwhile?

Yeah, I meant to join months ago when that was posted, but forgot about this place.

As far as "success" goes...My writings have been translated into other languages by other anarchists that thought my stuff was cool a few times...and I'm told that my article on anti-civ has been influential even to people that hate me. I was also featured (more like complained about) on John Zerzan's radio show. I'm not a household name, but its clear that people have gotten value from my writing, and I think thats cool.

Youtube-wise, I'm mostly just doing that for fun. I'm talking about pretty niche stuff, so I don't really expect to have a wide audience. It's more of a way to validate my drinking problem than anything.

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