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The Vanishing World of a Hunter Gatherer
The Il Torobo are an H-G group who live alongside the Maasai in Kenya, Africa.

A hunter-gatherer with no formal schooling, Letilet’s knowledge about the world he inhabits and of botanical facts is remarkable. Equipped by his upbringing and ancestral traditions with skills for survival in their natural landscape, Letilet and his friends are now forced to make a quantum leap into the twenty-first century. Letilet now uses a solar-powered mobile phone and drives a car.

Susie, born and living in Kenya, has over forty years of experience in luxury tented safaris in Kenya and tourism in Africa. She managed her own successful safari camp, Ol Seki Mara Camp in the Koiyaki Group Ranch north of the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Here she met Letilet and indulged in her passion for plants, traditional artefacts and wild places. She feels blessed to have had the friendship of Letilet and all those who made this book happen.


Also, a short film:

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