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Inuit Lifeways
During this time of year, I am enjoying rediscovering these old films by the NFB from the early 1960s. I remember watching some of these in school as a child.  They give insight into the traditional lifeways of the Inuit, Inuvialuit of the Western Canadian arctic, and Inupiat of Eastern Alaska.

This is a series called Tuktu (a fictional name, but probably derived from Tuktoyuktuk, a town in the far north.

Tuktu 1: Clothing and its Importance

Tuktu 2: How to build a kayak

Tuktu 3: Hand Skills

Tuktu 4: How to build a snow palace igloo

Tuktu 5: Indoor games

Tuktu 6: More indoor games

Tuktu 7: Fishing with a Rock Weir

Tuktu 8: The Magic Bow

Tuktu 9: The Magic Spear

Tuktu 10: The Caribou Hunt

Tuktu 11: Seal Hunting

Tuktu 12: Dogs and their importance

Tuktu 13: Animal Friends of the Arctic


Encyclopedia Britannica film about an Inuit family in 1959:

(I'm thinking this could be from Alaska, judging from the clothing, facial features and the landscape. So probably the Yupik Eskimo, rather than Canadian Inuit)
Woah! Looking forward to watch these. Thanks a lot, Odin.
Watching these gives me such a sense of longing. Sure it is sensational and portrays a "noble savage" myth that was common at the time of production, but hearing descriptions of moonlit ice caps and seal hunting fills me with comfort. Alaska has always been a dream of mine.

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