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Northeast Anti tech Anarchist Homesteader
Heard about this forum on John Zerzan's  radio show. Was curious about Zerzan after reading Technological Slavery by Kaczynski. Would be excited to collaborate with like minded's in NH,Maine, New England area
That's the main reason I'm here.
 Would love to chat with a few of you from other areas inside this land mass either way. Looks like some good folks here. 
                          A few of my thoughts:
1) Instead of posting too much usable "data" pertaining to ourselves for the system to gobble up I like intelligence sharing on enemy (system) specifics: Where the newest wind farms are going up? Where the data storage centers are located? What are the most important (to the controllers) technological advancement projects happening? What are the latest scientific achievements that are important to the "controllers"?
Who & where are the leaders in technological and scientific advancements that the "controllers" hold dear.   Basically sharing intel. After all, the system knows enough about us. It's time to use this god damned thing (computer) to find out specifics on system advancement supporters. 
        What's the address of Dr Steven H Walker ? (he's the director of D.A.R.P.A.)
Just an example of info that I think we should make public (at least on this forum)
 2) We don't want to be hypocrites right ?  Advocating for anti tech whilst using the internet.
I am looking to set examples and organize enough of us to go OFFLINE for a MONTH to not only reduce the "DATA" the the controller's are feeding off of but hopefully, with the help from some savvy hackers confuse the hell out of the algorythims (or whatever the fuck they're called).
Basically overload the data centers with bullshit and then disappear for a month (for starters)
I think we should do this early in 2019. 
 3) I believe in an incremental road to Revolution that we can all nudge along. Kaczynski says to promote Revolution you must live oppositely from what the system requires. (Anti-Civ. right ?)
Has all to do with INDEPENDENCE. Removing the BS from our lives.
               Thanks, Hoot
Hallo & welcome. JZ has some excellent stuff. I recommend getting the Origins John Zerzan Reader.

I have no faith in revolution or organising. (Nor do I at all mind being a hypocrite.) But, hey, your idea sounds like it could at the very least be amusing, so have at it.
Welcome Hoot! Greatly looking forward to discussing with you. And I'm sure the DARPA director is well protected. ;)
(Tue, 11 Dec 2018 22:22:30 +0000, 10:22 PM)@demon Wrote: Welcome Hoot! Greatly looking forward to discussing with you. And I'm sure the DARPA director is well protected. ;)

   We shall discuss specific info and theories pertaining to our enemies. Aint gonna share too much about my adventures of spear hunting whilst wearing just my rabbit skin. 
just saying if the security detail is good enough you won't know they're there

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