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thecollective trashing Ria on IRC
This is so moronic. It is a copy-and-paste from an IRC channel. I am not "thecollective" (but one member of 7). I am not trashing Ria. This is shitty gossip.
seek help, z.
you have reached new lows.
ps. how do sarcasm WORK? does it need a winky face? ;)
pps. master doxxer!
ppps. even the lines you pasted (and filled in above with ellipsis to remove context) are proven examples of just how disingenuous and obsessed you've become, by your attachments with context present.

here's more context: zhachev, i mean "demon," has been harassing—with death threats to individuals (especially women) and their families (including children)—everyone on the irc when he determined there was an unspecified conspiracy of by "the collective" against him (when most of the people he was talking to [including myself] are not in "the collective") of unknowable evil. he's spammed via macro, poorly attempted to ddos the server, tried to doxx, etc etc. constantly. on many occasions people, including myself, have tried to have reasonable and caring conversations with this individual. it's lasts a while before it turns very, very… unhinged. this is all utterly boring shit from a person creating demons out to get him that simply don't exist.

sadness is a cloud.
Hey Demon, I wish you healing in your body & relationships. Hope you find the support you need & deserve.

Dear Smacktalking Exposed Peeps, I forgive you. I'm fine with questions, I get a lot of them so forgive me if I don't get to yours.

Aragorn, I'm hoping we have time for a 10 minute game at the end of our chat. And, I hope we have time to address the serious questions submitted by ANews readers.

Would be cool if everyone showed more compassion for each other. Shall we bow our heads & pray for a miracle, or can we all just chill the fuck out.

Keep up the good work, everyone. Best of luck to all of you.
Thanks for stepping up Demon. Best to you too.

If the collective considers 'reorganizing' to push anyone out, let the spirited one be banished, the one who called for my head.

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