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Interview with Paul Kingsnorth about the stories we tell
«One of the dangerous things about the story of progress is that we don’t think it’s a story. We think it’s the truth.»

Interesting interview with Paul Kingsnorth about the stories we tell ourselves, and how we place and perceive ourselves in these stories. He describes the story of western civilisation, the myth of progress, as one where Nature is separate to us, and, frankly, beneath us. In this story, Nature is something we exploit—or, once in a blue moon, protect—not something we are a part of. Paul says we've forgotten how to listen.

We need a new story. But how do we get there? «I think that what I used to believe (arrogantly, probably)—that we could work together to create some grand new story for humanity—was just foolish. But that doesn’t mean that lots and lots of small stories don’t come together to form something bigger, which I think is probably how it always works. If enough people are questioning the way the world works and the values we have and the stories we tell ourselves, then what they will start to do instead will start to add up to something.»

I didn't listen to the podcast (ironic, isn't it), but I read the transcript. I found it an interesting reflection, well worth a read.

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