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Why Petroleum Did Not Save the Whales
Why Petroleum Did Not Save the Whales, By Richard York

An interesting read..

"The case of whaling shows the error of conceptualizing resource extraction as necessarily driven by inherent demand or societal need for the resources extracted and highlights how the capacity for production and the interests of industry can create demand and drive consumption. In particular, the case of whaling shows some potential explanations for the displacement paradox identified by York (2006, 2012), who demonstrated that the development of non–fossil fuel energy sources in recent decades did not substantially suppress fossil fuel use in most nations. As I have shown happened in the case of modern whaling, the power of industry (especially in the context of capitalism), geopolitical posturing, and/or cultural identity construction can drive the extraction of a resource even when it is not needed. The displacement paradox, in addition to Sinn’s (2011) green paradox (where industries accelerate resource extraction in anticipation of future regulations) and the depletion paradox (where individual economic actors accelerate extraction of a commonly held resource in an attempt to maximize their share of that resource as it approaches exhaustion), suggest the need for addressing the production side of resource exploitation, rather than focusing primarily on the consumption side. Furthermore, these paradoxes suggest that “green” technological fixes, such as developing renewable energy sources, are unlikely to curb environmental degradation unless there are corresponding political and social changes that ensure technologies are applied for the common good, and environmental protection is promoted as a goal in itself."
Very interesting reading, i need to show this to a few trans-humanists i know.
Just more proof against the liberal feel gooders constantly aiming for punitive anti consumption policies while ignoring production

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