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French environment minister ragequits government
The French environment minister, Hulot, just QQ'd the government. «He said he felt "all alone" while trying to advance green policies in the government.»

A summary of what he said:
  • The French government's lack of progress on steps to tackle climate change, defend biodiversity and address environmental threats resulted in an "accumulation of disappointments."
  • "I don't want to lie any longer. I don't want to maintain the illusion that my presence in government means that we are meeting these environmental challenges."
  • "France is doing more than a lot of other countries. Do not make me say that it is doing enough. It is not doing enough. Europe is not doing enough. The world is not doing enough.

I assume everyone on this forum figured this out a long time before Hulot.
Perhaps Hulot will appear in this forum. It was after after studying environmental science that I saw the facade crumble to nothing.
Far far, very far from enough, probably still going in the opposite direction.
But still my hat off.

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