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Please post your anti-civ flyers here.
I've done this one to help spread the forum.


Other formats
Nice! Hope to see some anti-civ flyers in the wild!

Another idea: if you're donating books to e.g. a café or library, put "Donated by" in the first page. And also, bring sharpies to toilets and whatever of squats, bars, restaurants, anything, and just write (or, or both) on them. There's lots of nifty things we could do, that's pretty much no effort or cost.

If more people wanna do something with the logo, here it is, in vector graphics:
Cought some perps free from their digital enclosure:

P.s - Someone just pointed me a mistake on the flyer(after a few dozens already out there in the wild), turns out i spelled Joint instead of Join don't know what i was thinking and i wasn't even stoned.
If you are going to use my libreoffice file please correct that.
Haha, I didn't even notice. I guess we're appealing to the crust punk demographic!
Just updated the picture above.
Its getting out there.

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