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Myopia: A Modern Yet Reversible Disease
This isn't exactly obviously anti-civ-related, but then again, it kind of is.

Myopia is becoming more and more common. I honestly don't think I know a single person who isn't myopic, except two people who've had laser surgery—and those have to be repeated once you re-delevop myopia. This talk is about the causes of myopia, as well as how it can be reversed.

We already know that myopia is a modern problem. There's been studies that show that gatherer-hunters have no myopia, until civilised artefacts are introduced to them, at which point they develop it rather rapidly. Myopia is also a big, rather profitable, business.

I always suspected that myopia is reversible, but I never bothered reading up on it. This video presents one of many potentially successful methods to reverse it.

I haven't seen the entire video but i know of a case of a person very close to me that reversed it, after a summer vacation break we returned to school and he had no glasses anymore he had reversed it at home im not really sure what technique he used but i have seen it done.
Thank you a lot for posting this here. I didn't know that myopia could be reversed until two months ago, when I randomly read this post.

In just two months, I reduced from -2.00 diopters in left eye and -1.25 in the right eye to -1.50 in the left eye and 1.25 in the right eye. Now I never use glasses and I'm going to try to keep improving. I didn't use the plus lenses as Todd says in the video, I just do the print-pushing and spend a lot of time outdoors looking at far away distances and less time in front of screens.

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