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Global heatwave is symptom of early stage cycle of civilisational collapse
"The extreme weather events of the summer of 2018 are not just symptoms of climate breakdown. They are early stage warnings of a protracted process of civilisational collapse as industrial societies face some of the opening symptoms of having already breached the limits of a safe climate. These events are a taste of things to come on a business-as-usual trajectory. They elicit a sense of how industrial civilisational systems are vulnerable to collapse due to escalating climate impacts. And they highlight the urgent necessity of communities everywhere undertaking steps to achieve a systemic civilisational transition toward post-capitalist systems which can survive and prosper after fossil fuels.

Climate ‘doom’ is already here
This summer’s extreme weather has hit home some stark realities.
Climate disaster is not slated to happen in some far-flung theoretical future.
It’s here, and now.
Droughts threatening food supplies, floods in Japan, extreme rainfall in the eastern US, wildfires in California, Sweden and Greece.
In the UK, holiday-makers trying to cross the Channel tunnel to France faced massive queues when air conditioning facilities on trains failed due to the heatwave. Thousands of people were stranded for five hours in the 30C heat without water.
In southern Laos, heavy rains led to a dam collapse, rendering thousands of people homeless and flooding several villages.
The stories came in thick and fast, from all over the world."
It will be interesting to see how Norway fares over the next few summers. It hasn't been catastrophic this summer, but it has been very problematic. I'm interested in Norway specifically, not just because I happen to be there, but also because Norway is supposed to be one of the by far least affected countries of our doom.

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