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Book Reviews
I was thinking of posting book reviews for any titles related to anti-civ, anarchist, history of civilisation etc thought. I have a couple of titles in mind for the future and I'm currently finishing Sex at Dawn, which is a fantastic look at pre-agricultural sexuality. Other books I have for the immediate future are:

1177 BC The Year Civilisation Collapsed: Eric H.Cline

Late Victorian Holocausts - El Nino Famines: Mike Davis

The Horse, the Wheel and Language, How Bronze Age Riders Shaped the Modern World: David W.Anthony

A Green History of the World - the Environment and the Collapse of Great Civilisations: Clive Ponting

Would people enjoy reviews for these books and similar? Do people have suggestions for books they would like to see reviewed?
I would really like to read reviews from all of those books you mentioned. I don't have too much time to read at the moment and good reviews make it a lot easier to decide what next.

I gotta recommend Quinzy Wright's A Study of War even though it doesn't clearly deal with the topic. Huge amount of material and thinking around the history of warfare, aggression of human beings and reasons for war, for example.

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