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Northern hemisphere in grip of unprecedented heatwave
"It is claimed the northern hemisphere is in the grip of an almost unprecedented heatwave.
A heat map from a University in the US shows cities have had to deal with exceptionally high heat this week.
Dramatic images from the University of Maine, show the extent to which the hot weather has impacted large areas of the globe."

"Environmental Journalist, John Gibbons, says the driver behind the soaring temperatures is climate change: "We are looking at a hemisphere-wide event which is quite unusual in weather terms and obviously here in Ireland we're benefiting from the good weather here at the moment.
"But in Canada, for example, there have been numerous fatalities from extreme temperatures and this stretches right from Russia to Europe and right across Canada so it's an almost unprecedented heat event in the northern hemisphere.
"And it is being fueled basically by rising global temperatures, the signature which is driving this process is climate change."

This summer in Ireland is particularly hot  even for this time of year. Its meant to be the hottest summer recorded in a few decades, one of the days  there was a recording of 32 degrees when a typical summers day would be between 22 to 24 degrees.Usually for summer in Ireland  the weather is mainly rainy/clammy with a few sporadic nice sunny days in between. Where I live it hasn't rained in at least 3 weeks, grass is dying in gardens, there has also been a ban put on using water hoses with a fine as penalty.

The winter was colder than usual also. It was meant to be one of the worst winters recorded in decades. Shops and roads closed for a few days because of snow. When the shops opened back up it took a few days to restock. One of the days during the snow I ventured out to try get bread, my local town was empty, no cars being able to drive, not many people walking the streets, everywhere was closed except a pub which was packed with people drinking and partying.

Are these signs of whats to come in the future?
I don't know how much to attribute to weather or climate, but it has been a similar story here in the East of England. There's been no rain here knocking on two months. I've been collecting water from the river for my immediate crops, though those crops I've guerrilla gardened are starting to fail en masse. I'm spread too thin. If it weren't for some days of early morning fog this summer would probably have been be a right off weeks back.

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