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Hello Hello
A little about me; I arrived at anarchism through existentialist literature and being involved with anarchist activity in my region.

Anticiv thought is attractive because it gestures at something that social anarchism, or any other one dimensional political philosophy, can't capture. For a couple years now I've immersed myself in all the anticiv books and media I can get hold of and explored some of these ideas with sympathetic friends.

I'm here to learn more about the anticiv perspective, interrogate it, and see how others are using these ideas.

Looking forward to all the great discussion!

Currently reading: Jacques Ellul's The Technological Society
Finished reading: Bellamy Fitzpatrick's Corrosive Consciousness
Hallo & welcome!

What kind of existentialist literature were you reading? I haven't read much of it, but I am at the very least familiar with it.

I'm looking forward to seeing you interrogating the anti-civ perspective!
Thank you!

I'm interested in existentialist ideas related to the nature of the self and morality. The work of all the big names in the tradition; Sartre, Nietzsche, and the late Robert Solomon have had a big impact in my life.

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