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Hello anti-civ people
I've never been much of a forum person, but when I've first registered here I might as well introduce myself.

To make a long story short, I think a good way of describing how I ended up here is as a succession of realisations along the lines of "no, the grown ups don't actually know what they're doing". Among the major set backs for "the myth of civilization" in my life, I would put (chronologically) 1. loosing my childhood faith (dad was wrong), 2. starting to work as an engineer (teachers/lecturers etc. were wrong), 3. realising that economics not only doesn't make sense to me, it actually makes no sense at all (economists/politicians were wrong) and 4. realising that science and technology is part of the problem and that our "troubles" are as old as civilisation itself (misc. ideologues were wrong).

Until recently I wasn't very familiar with anti-civ, or anprim for that matter, but about half a year ago I quite randomly came to talking with this guy at the local food not bombs. I guess I always "test the waters", when meeting someone, to know what topics there's no point in bringing up, unless I deliberately want to alienate them (I admit there's an element of "I'm more radical than you" in there, meeting a lot of people who "don't get it" have created some cynicism, I guess). As usual I expected to "lose him" at some point, but instead I experienced, as a first, someone actually agreeing (or stating, don't remember which) as a matter of course that symbolism was "part of the problem". Not long after he lent me some books, among them "Against his-story, against Leviathan".

Up until now, I've believed (or hoped) that a transition to a sustainable society is possible, and that it is a matter of helping enough people realise the necessity for, and promote changes that could facilitate, such a transition. That might still (if it ever was) be possible, I don't know, but for me to keep my sanity/be happy I'm starting to think I need to desert to some degree at some point. I'm already planning to work as little as I can (studying to become a nurse at the moment), but from experience that probably won't be enough in the long run. Ironically I think desertion, apart from being the best for me to do for myself, is the best way for me to "create positive change" by inspiring and helping others to desert too, and at the same time contribute to a competing narrative to "the myth of technology/progress/civilization etc.".

u can't outradical the radicalest
True, but at least now I can learn from the master :-p

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