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Does anyone else carry one of these? As far as hunting tools, weapons, and herding equipment go I can't recommend it highly enough. It does take allot of practice, and in my experience if you don't practice for a while you lose allot of skill with it, but the ease of carrying, finding ammo, and construction more than make up for all that.

You can make a sling anywhere out of just about anything. I've even made several by twisting the inner bark of cedar that worked just fine, and quite a few out of dog wool. Heh, I've even made some rudimentary ones by braiding grass to pass the time. Good ammunition makes a big difference, but it's not all that hard to find nice round rocks the right size almost anywhere (speaking as someone from New England, no idea if it would be harder elsewhere), and the more you practice the more you can compensate for different sized or different shaped rocks, atleast to a certain extent.

This website's really useful on the topic:
It's one of the few weapons you can carry in the UK without a license or anything. I've been on hikes where on of us has carried one and taken a few shots at pigeons and squirrels - its hard and needs practice as you say but I can see the appeal esp if you were without the convenience of firearms or ammunition. The dog hair version sounds fun :)

Thanks for the link

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