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Podcast thread
I was gonna post this in the Health forum but thought that it might be useful with a thread to post recommendations on different podcast episodes. Not necessarily anti-civ but with some sort of relevance to it.

I wanted to share the Joe Rogan episode with Matthew Walker, a neuroscientist that studies sleep deprivation. I found it really interesting. Some critiques of modernity in there.
I don't often listen to Joe Rogan but sometimes he has some really interesting discussions. It would be pretty cool to get a critic of technology and civilization on his show, I think a lot of his listeners are open to the ideas but haven't heard them presented in a good way. I don't know how suggest guests though. Zerzan would perhaps be the obvious choice and I think it could be quite good, Joe has had far more boring guests and had entertaining dialouge. Maybe Tucker would be cool, but he's probably not famous enough.

here it is:
This was a good one:

Political scientist James C Scott explores some of the key questions around early agriculture and state-building.

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