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Life in the Woods
Starting very soon, I'm going to start living in the woods indefinitely. I don't intend to buy or sell anything to sustain myself, unless the items are donated. I haven't decided the best way to document it yet. I'm also not sure what details are OK to share at this point, either, out of security concerns. I don't intend on doing anything illegal but I don't want to be noticed, either. My intentions are foremost to 1) Test whether or not very low-input nomadic plant-based horticulture is possible, 2) demonstrate the viability of camping in place of sedentary domestic life, 3) have other anti-civs join me!

I will keep you all posted.
I envy you in a healthy way.
Good journey friend.
Thanks, keep up the blog for me!

Here's a good resource video: [Video:]
This person is actively building a cult of personality it seems, but still interesting.
Good stuff! I'm doing something akin to this, but more from a purely pragmatic angle (age tends to flatten one etc). I work part time as a market gardener and the farm is a little way from my house. So when I'm working I live in the woods. At my home I've got my gardens going. This year it ain't all that much, but I reckon I get enough for keeping me healthy through winter. For me it is about living outside the "comfort zone" and breaking out of the habituating effects of modern living. Modernity also seems to engender a particular compartmentalization which I struggle to keep out of.
It might be possible to gung ho it and go all feral, I suppose that it depends a lot on temperament and what you desire - and also what kind of support structure you have. Anyways, admirable project you've got going! I hope it turns out well!! Keep us updated!
Interesting videos, Zhachev! I hope you'll get to do this. It is very inspiring. A few friends and I are talking about semi-sedentary life. We're not even at a pre-planning stage though. It's stewing though!
(Mon, 11 Jun 2018 12:28:04 +0000, 12:28 PM)alexander Wrote: Interesting videos, Zhachev! I hope you'll get to do this. It is very inspiring. A few friends and I are talking about semi-sedentary life. We're not even at a pre-planning stage though. It's stewing though!

I totally went for this a week or two back, I lasted two nights by myself before I basically got so bored and neurotic thinking about the people and things I left behind that I went back.

I've viewed my attempt up to this point as a failure because of brevity, but in fact, there were many successes: I used topological info from the Web for free to plot a location for my camp, hiked about 2 miles from the trail there, used tools I brought to clear a patch for my 4-person tent, put down a $3 bag of river rocks I brought, laid down a tarp, put the tent on top of that, and hid in my tent from bloodsucking mosquitoes reading K and snacking.

It made me realize many things. Most of all: despite how anti-social, and in some cases borderline misanthropic I've become at this point, it was impossible for me to live by myself. I had a need for conversation which got indescribably intense. Asima and I have had a rocky separation, which is going better now, but it didn't make me feel any better about being alone in the woods.

However, for about 3-4 hrs each day, I mostly waltzed around with my rifle foraging which was really really fun. I saw the biggest group of deer, like 15-30 individuals, and they definitely noticed me. There were hares and snakes and hawks, lots of grass and vegetation, and I pulled off more than a few ticks, some from places which I'll spare you the details about!

One desire I had was to clear an area and invite more people. Just a weird urge. But I think if there was a group, clearing should be frowned upon. Best bet is to have good records or memory of where mostly naturally clear patches are. There are bunches of pine trees landlocked by hardwoods and these seemed to be generally clear due to the falling of the pine needles. Nothing but grass and needle hay. I think moving around between these sounds comfy for a small tribe.

My final suggestion is to plot good locations for cross-breeding commercial producing fruit, nut, and leafy green plants and trees with local varieties or careful introducing food un-imperialistically into the forest. I think you could walk around spreading seed and lightly managing land until you introduced food into the niche you're in.

Also, I'm doubtful of a lot of the "a-civ" notions I've been hearing in the milieu (and I don't actually mean bernalex here specifically). Being out there I felt like part of Mother Nature again, and as I went to sleep every night I somehow felt the presence of life on the planet crying out for help. We should put our lives and livelihood on the line to do that.

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