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Life in the Woods
I envy you in a healthy way.
Good journey friend.
Good stuff! I'm doing something akin to this, but more from a purely pragmatic angle (age tends to flatten one etc). I work part time as a market gardener and the farm is a little way from my house. So when I'm working I live in the woods. At my home I've got my gardens going. This year it ain't all that much, but I reckon I get enough for keeping me healthy through winter. For me it is about living outside the "comfort zone" and breaking out of the habituating effects of modern living. Modernity also seems to engender a particular compartmentalization which I struggle to keep out of.
It might be possible to gung ho it and go all feral, I suppose that it depends a lot on temperament and what you desire - and also what kind of support structure you have. Anyways, admirable project you've got going! I hope it turns out well!! Keep us updated!
Interesting videos, Zhachev! I hope you'll get to do this. It is very inspiring. A few friends and I are talking about semi-sedentary life. We're not even at a pre-planning stage though. It's stewing though!

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