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Inward Revolution: Bringing About Radical Change in the World

Just grabbed a copy used for $2. In case anyone else is interested, here is the digital version:
Haven't read this one in particular. Thanks for the PDF link! I might print it.
It was really good. My only qualm is that while K's essential and reoccurring messages of self-focus and self-cultivation, the "inward", is super duper helpful in the day-to-day and as a deterrent to political (and other forms of) action, I feel the urgency and scale of the major problems with the world today. The weather, the extinctions — we might need to discuss things that are risky to discuss; such out-of-character acts seem somewhat necessary as a stopgap. If cascading extinctions or collapses are beginning to take place, we've got to monkey-wrench non-stop and on almost inconceivable scales; nothing else matters to me.

It's time to explore options of force, and follow the recommendations, some of the indigenous, of instigating chaos after ecological catastrophe. The State's kryptonite are the moments after the force of Mother Nature strikes. It can't allocate resources quickly enough, especially with downed infrastructure. Mother Nature brings down the gird all the time, Mother Nature is calling for us to follow through with some coup de graces. There needs to be insurgency after disaster, not Occupy Sandy.
Coudn't agree more, let's also let mother nature manifest it self through us, after all we are an indivisible part of her.

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