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What a way to go
«A middle class white guy comes to grips with Peak Oil, Climate Change, Mass Extinction, Population Overshoot and the demise of the American Lifestyle.»

Interviews with lots of prominent people about what's going wrong, how it's going wrong, what to do about it, and so on. I watched it a long time ago and was reminded of it today, so I thought I'd share it here, as I thought it was a nice and cohesive documentary that manages to fit a lot into two hours. As a result it's rather dense, but it's never confusing or overwrought. Worth a watch, I reckon!

My friend youtube-dl is now adding it to my collection, for later viewing. :)
Just watched it, Inspiring to say the least.
Two hours well spent.

Destroy Civilization Yesterday. \m/

P.s - Zhachev why the first 25 min ?

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