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Video Interviews with Anthropologists
Interview with anthropologist Richard B. Lee in 2017

Part 1: Early Life and Education

Part 2: Going to Africa

Part 3: Fieldwork among the !Kung in the Kalahari

Part 4: More fieldwork with the !Kung

Part 5: Going back to the Kalahari

Part 6: Without a truck: more work with the !Kung

Part 7: Film and Audio Visual Projects:

Part 8: Film, Eleanor Leacock, Hunter gatherer research, and anthropological theory

Part 9: Being an anthropologist in the 20th century

Interview with James Woodburn on the Hadza

Talk by Chritsopher Boehm on Warfare and Feuding in the Pleistocene
Marshall Sahlins on Anthropology

A talk by Claude Levi-Strauss on Mythical Thought and Social Life (1984)
Jared Diamond: Lessons from Hunter Gatherers

Robert Kelly: The Fifth Beginning
Sarah Hrdy: Child rearing in evolution

Fatimah Jackson talks on How Plants Domesticated Humans

Joseph Tainter: The Collapse of Complex Societies
Polly Weissner: Violence in Human Evolution and Culture
Mathias Guenther: Bushman societies and animals

Folktales, Religion, and the Romanticization of the Bushmen:

The Nharo Bushman of the Kalahari:

Fieldwork and Honeymoon Among the Nharo:

Education and Inspirations:

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