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Video Talks and Interviews with Anthropologists
Right now I am researching how indigenous people survived in the depths of winter. How did they bathe? What did they eat? Where did they poop?, etc.

Some native groups had sweat lodges which they used for bathing, but not all, and I'm not sure yet what other groups did for keeping their bodies clean.

Most Plains Indians dug a trench (away from water sources, and the main living camp) where they would do their 'business'. In winter, apparently the trench was closer to the main camp, so they wouldn't have to walk as far.

Almost all native groups still did some hunting in winter. The dried meat they stored only lasted so long.  In fact, the snow made it easier to hunt in some cases, since animal tracks were more visible, and sleds could carry heavy loads on hunting trips.

I'm still trying to track down more winter living related info.
Kristen Hawkes on Hunter gatherers..Life history and reproduction:
Cathryn Townsend on "Emerging Patriarchy in the Mythology of a Previously Egalitarian Society"
Alyssa Crittenden: Continuity and Change Among a Community of East African Foragers
Talk given to the Radical Anthropology group in London, UK.


Some recent CARTA human origins videos...

Exploring the Human - Ape Paradox

Kristen Hawkes: Ancient Grandmothers and African Savannas:

1.Tetsuro Matsuzawa on mother-infant relationships in chimps and humans 2. Linda Marchant on symbolic play 3. Barry Bogin on childhood

1. Todd Preuss on brains 2. Nina Jablonski on skin 3. Lyn Wadley on fire and early homo sapien innovations

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