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Children's Mythology
I've been fiddling with a children's story on and off for quite some time, more or less the mythology of two gods, Birth and Death.

It describes the history of life, and how natural selection works. It begins with Birth running around the oceans spreading life wherever she goes, until there is no more room to go, and no more nourishment to be had. Life stagnates, Birth gets sick, and it starts seeping up her limbs until it reaches her womb, at which point Death is born from her, fully formed. Death takes some of the life forms, and thus the others have the nutrients and room to keep reproducing, and as a result, life truly begins.

Birth is represented as a blind toddler, and Death as an older matronly lady. Various aspects of evolution are taught through Death teaching them to Birth, who even though Birth is the infant mother of Death, is still a child, and Death is wise. Birth would cause life to replicate wildly, and Death is calm and cautious, and selects out those who by following their paths would upset homeostasis. Self-sufficiency is taught by a means like mitochondrial and chloroplast evolution, balance is taught through predator-prey cycles and evolutionary arms races, and at one point Birth takes a special liking to a certain form of life and refuses Death's influence on them causing them to develop a crippling overdependence on Birth to provide for them for their continued survival, which is meant to teach the dangers of overspecialization.

Eventually it all ends with the last of life dying in the far far future, and Death burying Birth like a mother wolf culling her wolf pup, and walking off into the void.
Maybe birth & death could just be wolves? Wolf pups are born completely blind after all.

Sounds interesting, in any event!
That makes sense! I had been a little reluctant to anthropomorphize them for several reasons. On the other hand it does make for several useful analogies and for understanding by children.

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