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May 1st

Late reply—I know. I don't know much about the anarchist scene as I'm not a part of it. But I have several friends that are involved with the anarchist scene in some way. In Oslo and Trondheim you will find a lot of anarchists. Mostly leftist (communist, syndicalist, platformist) anarchists, but also a few green ones. In Trondheim, a big part of the town was squatted, and is now a city-ecological experiment: There's an anarchist café, a Food Not Bombs "people's kitchen" (free food), and an anarchist youth house in Trondheim as well. In Oslo there's Hausmania, a self-governed culture house: Neither of these scenes are huge, but they're big enough, and well enough tolerated.

Historically, there's been lots of anarchist writers. The most well-known are Knut Hamsun (who later became a Nazi of sorts), Henrik Ibsen, and Jens Bjørneboe. There are many others that will likely be unknown outside of Norway—Hans Jæger, Arne Garborg, &c. These were rather bohemian people. There was also the typical socialist working class journals around 1850-1900 with anarchist influences. Then it kind of died off in favour of less radical socialism. Then WW2 happened (Emma Goldman visited a bit before that.) Since then it has mostly been sleeping, with some exceptions, like Jan Bojer, and, notably, Jens Bjørneboe. Today there isn't that much "action", as far as I can tell, except for the above-mentioned things.

If any Norwegian anarchists are reading this, and feel that I am underestimating the Norwegian anarchist scene, please correct me. This is just an outsider view after all.

I don't know anything about Scandinavian affinity.

I don't know anything about literature in Norwegian—let alone English. Although I'm sure there is some in at least Norwegian…

It could be an interesting thing to look into more in-depth, although I'm not going to promise that I will do so. I am also interested in Norway's treatment of the Sámi people, a topic I've found surprisingly little about. I even asked some people via the Sami Parliament of Norway, and got into contact with some culture preservation people… who never replied to my emails.

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