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A Critique, Not a Program: For a Non-Primitivist Anti-Civilization Critique
While I'm not a primitivist, and certainly not a "revolutionary anarchist", I found Wolfi's critique of primitivism illuminating nonetheless.

Wolfi objects to primitivism because a «critique of civilization does not begin from any comparison to other societies or to any future ideal. It begins from my confrontation, from your confrontation, with the immediate reality of civilization in our lives here and now. It is the recognition that the totality of social relationships that we call civilization can only exist by stealing our lives from us and breaking them down into bits that the ruling order can use in its own reproduction.»

Thus «[ i ]f, instead of hoping for a paradise, we grasp life, joy and wonder now, we will be living a truly anarchic critique of civilization that has nothing to do with any image of the “primitive”, but rather with our immediate need to no longer be domesticated, with our need to be unique, not tamed, controlled, defined identities.»

I am reminded of Bob Black, who once wrote that he was an anarch, not an anarchist. A clever little pun there, but a meaningful distinction, I feel.

I don't agree with everything Wolfi writes here, but it's an interesting read.

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