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Potential to live primitively under a state through means of a buffer organization
A friend and I are working on an organization that could serve as a means to facilitate people living their lives this way within the current supersystem.

The two big problems with living primitively are that almost all the land is owned privately and that land is expensive, both to buy and to pay taxes, no? We wish to create an organization that would serve as a network of people who are allied with this lifestyle, who would be willing to open up their land for use of people who belong to this organization. The benefits to the land owner would be that they could specify their requests on restrictions to land usage, say if the land is a woodlot they might let people stay there, but not to chop down any trees, or if a person lives on a hundred acre parcel they might let people use their land but only if they avoid the front portion they live on and not at all during hunting season or such. Another restriction I imagine allot of landowners would put is requiring people to ask permission before using their land.

Eventually it could serve as a land trust, helping people living primitively to get together to buy pieces of land not owned by any of them specifically for primitive use, to be able to manage the legal aspects without having to force it on anyone living primitively. And potentially, as a land trust, we could seek tax exempt status on it. I imagine living nomadically even with this sort of organization one'd be hard pressed to find a place where they could for instance stay for the whole winter AND chop enough firewood to stay for the whole winter in the same place. Having places specific to nomads, with for example longhouses on it for overwintering would be almost a necessity. As such, I believe that to begin with this organization would most benefit those who already own their own land in order to network across other pieces of land at the price of opening of their own land for other people's use.

We're working on setting this up in Northern Maine, where there already is a strong tradition of public land use. Up till two years ago you could hunt on any land that wasn't marked no trespassing, and you can still forage, fish, and walk through any land not so marked. There is also a strong self-sufficiency and nature sentiment here, which is very amiable to people living primitively as I've found out through personal experience. I believe this movement has a good chance of working here, so long as the organization is properly managed to avoid damage to the land owner's land. Give them as little reason to not want us there as possible, and most people are quite happy to participate.

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