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The Guardian: Time to join the 'preppers'?

Quote:You might not want to panic just yet, but you might decide that it is time to join the "Preppers" - people who are secretly preparing to abandon modern life when the apocalypse, in whatever form, does arrive.

"Some people seem to think it's the first thing to do. The moment something happens, they grab their rucksack and off they go and live in the wild - but if you've ever tried that, it really isn't easy. Where I am at the moment, I probably have enough provisions to survive for about nine months. That doesn't include going out and getting your own food."

"The idea behind leaving your home is to get away from danger," Steve explains, "Which means getting away from everybody and going under the radar, off-grid, so you can't be found - then just survive for however long is needed before you can come back to civilisation."

Each outbreak of catastrophic flooding brings with it a quieter outbreak of people feeling smug on hills, which never flood, and offer a good defensive position should you come under attack from hordes of wet, hungry or diseased people.

The luxury option would be to to buy one of the many decommissioned bomb shelters or observation posts that come on to the market from time to time, or perhaps just your own bit of tunnel.

Steve regularly visits his planned bugging-out locations without any food or water, and practises living off the land for several days.

Can you shoot a rabbit, skin it, field-dress it, and cook it, perhaps in the rain, with just a pocket knife? Can you set traps for fish? Do you even know what wildlife is in your chosen area, which offers the most meat, and which is easiest to catch? Do you know how to tell whether or not water is safe to drink? If you make yourself ill by doing any of these things wrongly, are you medically skilled enough to treat yourself? Can you mend your clothes, or your radio, or your tent? Most of these skills are not difficult to master, they just need "Practice, practice, practice", according to Steve.

From 2014
I agree that rewilding is potentially practically useful with this in mind, but I am sceptical of relying on a millenarianist motivation. Do it for yourself, for your close ones, for the world, do it for now.
Do you agree that the climate change crisis is becoming too much for, not just capitalism, but also, Nature? Various authors have written that system immanent constraints seem the most likely source of collapse. So what I'm wondering today is if I've become a climate change denialist, by way of anti-millenarianism? Does the overwhelming evidence that capitalism versus Nature will lead to massive social strife qualify as millenarianism?

Thinking now of Pacific islanders whose lands are being protect by a half meter of sandbags. Are their activities millenarian?
I don't see it as capitalism vs. nature. It's just production vs. nature. Capitalism happens to be a somewhat efficient way of doing production.

Don't get me wrong. Some sort of "collapse" seems increasingly likely. What I'm saying is that even if it weren't likely, rewilding is a worthy and healthy activity in itself.

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