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Man who was raised by wolves wishes he could return to the mountains
«A man raised by wolves for 12 years says his life in human society was a failure and he wishes he could go live among the animals again.


«He was found as a 19-year-old running around half-naked and barefoot only able to communicate by grunting and brought back to civilisation.


«Returning to civilisation was the scariest experience of his life, first to an orphanage where the nuns taught him to walk up straight and eat at a table.

«He was confined to a wheelchair for a time after the thick callouses were cut off his feet and his first visit to a barber had him terrified the razor would cut his throat.

«The noise was the worst part - cars, bustling crowds, and people walking by his window in all directions. He was afraid of crossing the road.


«Mr Pantoja tried to return to the mountains but found it was a very different place to what he remembered and his cave was replaced with cottages and electric gates.

«The wolves also didn't accept him after he was away so long and kept their distance instead of embracing him as a brother.»

Kind of harrowing story there. He doesn't belong here, but he can't go back. He's forever lost.
Forever lost....

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