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I set up this bot thing to just spam threads. I'm not gonna really use it beyond that. But I think that if we want to reach out to people, it's good to be on sites like these, even if all we do is provide a ladder out of those sites. In fact, that's probably all we want to do. I certainly don't want to use anti-social media, or encourage anyone else to do so, I want to do the opposite! And the only real way of doing that, is ironically to reach out through those very services we want to encourage them to leave. After all, if we don't do that, we're just not serious. I'm not a monk on a mountain somewhere, meditating my way to Nirvana.

If anyone wants to make a g+ or facebook page, feel free to do so, and I can add it to this posting bot thing.
I think its a great idea and agree with everything, the analogy of the ladder is a good one, another analogy is that people in anti-social media are like in the ocean drowning so we have to go out there in the ocean and launch a rope to pull them OUT of that tormented ocean of anti-social media.

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